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This Page Updated 7/6/13

This is my Dealer since '92

southparksportscards on ebay

Tomscard.jpg Toms card picture by TyrantsPics


me001.jpg picture by TyrantsPics

This Is DuPont, 120 lbs

015.jpg  R.I.P. 9/9/11 I miss you my friend..


                                       I Created This...

p5338660dt.jpg picture by TyrantsPics

GordonAuto.jpg picture by TyrantsPics

                                   ( Thanks ! To THREEMCS )

GordonAutoCOA.jpg picture by TyrantsPics

JGTalkingCard.jpg picture by TyrantsPics

Highland Mint- J.Gordon Framed, Auto. 8x10 & Gold Medallion- 44/500 

JGHM44OF500.jpg JG HM 44/500 picture by TyrantsPics


Highland Mint-R/U Collection- J.Gordon, Framed, Auto. 8x10 & R/U tire & GoldMedallion- 64/124

JGHM64of124.jpg JG HM 64/124 picture by TyrantsPics


Highland Mint-R/U Collection- J.Gordon, Framed, Auto.8x10 & RU bumper & Nickel-Silver coin of Jeff- 52/224 (at Daytona)

HMRU52of224.jpg HM R/U 52/224 picture by TyrantsPics

JGHMRU52of224COA.jpg HM R/U 52/224 COA picture by TyrantsPics COA for above


Highland Mint-R/U Collection- J.Gordon, Framed, 7x8 1/2" Artists Print & RU bumper & Nickel-Silver coin of Jeff- 51/500

96HMJG.jpg JG 96 HM picture by TyrantsPics


Highland Mint-Artists Collection- J.Gordon, Framed, 7x8 1/2" ArtistsPrint, 3x4 Picture & Sil.Medallion- 64/2024


Highland Mint-R/U Collection- J.Gordon, Framed, 8x10 Photo & RU tire & GoldMedallion- 14/524

JGHM01Champion.jpg JG HM 01 Champion picture by TyrantsPics


Highland Mint J.Gordon, Framed, "2001", 2-8x10s & 2 Gold Medallions- 25/1024

Same as the one below but has 2 coins instead of R/U


Highland Mint-R/U Collection- J.Gordon,4xChamp. Framed, 2-8x10s & R/U tire & R/U bumper - 33/75

JGHighMintDbl.jpg JG HM Dbl picture by TyrantsPicsJGHighMintdblb.jpg JG HM Dbl RU b picture by TyrantsPics


'98 Kelly Russel Sports 7x8 1/2" Artists Print & Picture 7715/12,500


            March '05 Beckett / Gordon Hi Gear Sample (still sealed)



Auto'd December '95 Beckett

AutodBeckett.jpg Autod Beckett picture by TyrantsPics


'95 U.D. Authenticated

'94 BY400 WIN

JG94BY400WINCOA.jpg picture by TyrantsPics


Autoed In Person Flag


JGSamBass94BY400Poster.jpg picture by TyrantsPics

Muscle Car Cards

'91 MuscleCards Prototype #8-'70 HemiCuda (its in the middle of the sheet)

'91 MuscleCards "King Of The Hill" Set #1-'69 SCY 427 Nova, #2-'65 Z/16 Chevelle, #3-'70 LS6 Chevelle SS 454, #4-'69 Baldwin Motion Camaro, #5-'67 L88 Corvette, #6-'66 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C, #7-'69 ZL1 Camaro SS/RS, #8'70 Dodge Challenger Hemi

'92 Muscle Cars Prototypes

#12 '70 AMC Mark Donahue Javelin


#55 '70 Buick GSX


'92 MuscleCard Set

Need #8


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